In 2015 a game which started in schoolyards as a challenging children’s game of knowledge and skills on computer networks, has developed into a popular illegal team sport of motorbikes in the streets of Tokyo. Three school mates decide to take part in this sport which is called WI-FI WARS, for the first time. Their unexpected meeting with a mysterious alcohol addicted techno-hippy, who they share common interests with, leads to the creation of a unique team. Will they be able to survive and win their first race against one of the top teams of WI-FI WARS. Meet the team and follow their adventure in this unique race!

Age: 16 y.o

Height: 1.68

Weight: 62

Class: Cracker


Profile: Ambitious Haru always wants to be the one leading and organizing the team. His love for Computers and Technology is reflected in the gadgets he uses in his everyday life as well as in the tattoo that covers all his body and shows wires. He intends to confront the legendary hacker “11 fingers” and replace him. That is why he develops continuously. Will he be able to fulfill his dream?

Age: 16

Height: 1.56

Wight: 50

Class: Gate Tracker


Profile: Pessimistic Aki still tries to figure out why she joined this team. She is not interested in winning. For her technology is nothing more than a mere means to satisfy her needs. She considers WI-FI WARS a boring childish sport that doesn’t challenge her at all. However, her life changed when she joined the team and her views regarding the race gradually change as she experiences the team dynamics. Why has Aki joined the team and what is she really capable of?

Age: 17 y.o.

Height: 1.75

Weight: 77

Class: Driver


Profile: Yoshiro is of noble origin. At a very early age, his parents tried to teach him proper manners and the values, which a member of the high social class, should have. Obviously they failed… Yoshiro himself decided which path to follow and took life into his own hands. His rough hot tempered personality on one hand and his passion for motorbikes on the other have put him into trouble many times. His spontaneity and his indifference towards the consequences of his actions make him the center of attention at school. How can such a person get along with a pessimistic girl and a demanding ambitious leader?

Age: 25 y.o.

Height: 1.73

Weight: 72

Class: Hacker


Profile: Nori is a mysterious hippy hooked on his computers always moving around with his backpack, his USB sticks, his hand made necklace of the keyboard buttons “Enter” “O” “R” “Esc” and his… feeding bottle. His clothes and his style show a person that is simple and adaptable. He has no demands either of life or of himself. His main weakness is his addiction to sake, which he drinks from a feeding bottle he calls “BUG”. What could a man like this have seen in the children that made him decide to help them in their race?