In Ome, a city in northern Tokyo, the adventures of four different characters of different mentality and cultural background will take place. The only common interest they share is their love for sports and parkour. The heroes are four children that destiny brought together to enable them not only to help each other but also to achieve their personal goals. Tension, competiveness, humour, friendship, intrigues and lots of parkour are the main elements of the world of R.u.N. Are you ready to Remember ur Nature?




Height: 1.68

Weight: 62

Birth Place: Facamp, France.

Place of Residence: Ome, Japan.

Hobbies: Gymnastics, reading manga.

Occupation: High School student in Japan, helps his mother with the bookstore.


Profile: Enthusiastic, impetuous, fearless and with lots of humor. Parkour and manga are his only ways of escaping from his boredom. Jean grew up in Facamp in France, the country which gave birth to parkour. His mother comes from Japan. Due to his mothers personal problems they both decide to leave France and move to Ome in Japan. Jeans troubles start the first day he goes to his new school, Ome High School.

Age: 17

Height: 1.75

Weight: 70

Birthplace: Ome, Japan

Place of Residence: Ome Japan

Hobbies: Athletics, reading books about medical and pharmaceutical issues.

Occupation: Ome High School student in Japan.


Profile: Self-centered, distant, introvert, proud and extremely intelligent. His personal goal is to exceed his fathers standards and be first at all levels. His father, who was a legendary track athlete, had a great influence on him and made Keigo follow the same with him course. His love for athletics and sports in general grows as parkour comes gradually into his life, opening for him new horizons.

Age: 17

Height: 1.67

Weight: 61

Birthplace: Ome Japan

Place of Residence: Ome Japan

Hobbies: Gymnastics and running

Occupation: Ome High School student in Japan.


Profile: Conscious, friendly, shy and good natured. Kishi stays with his little sister and his grandmother in Ome. His family, his little sister Onoyumi in specific, are the most important part of his life. His sole aim is to succeed in joining a team that practices parkour, because in this way he will be recognized by the people around him. He will fight with his phobias in order to be able to fulfill his aims. Will parkour help him in the mission he has undertaken?

‚ÄčAge: 15Height: 1.63Weight: 49Birthplace: Ome JapanPlace of Residence: Ome JapanHobbies: Rhythmic GymnasticsOccupation: Ome High School student in Japan. Profile: Overprotective, kindhearted, dynamic and daring. Onoyumi lives with her brother and their grandmother in Ome. She loves gymnastics and has devoted her life to that sport. As a result she has no free time to spend with her friends, since she also helps her grandmother around the house. Her best friend is her brother. Her meeting Jean and Keigo will help bring parkour into her life. Will parkour contribute to her development in gymnastics or will it turn her into an excellent treceur?

Age: 40


Weight: 52

Birthplace: Aichi, Japan

Place of Residence: Ome, Japan

Occupation: A bookshop owner.


Profile: Decisive, compassionate, strict and fair. Jean is her only son and her whole world. She is strict with him, because she is afraid of parkour, although she understands his passion for it. Her bookshop in Ome is her second favorite. Since she is divorced she brings Jean up by herself. She is afraid of Parkour. However she is well aware of her sons skills and she trusts him.