Mythos, is a story that combines mythology and the mentality of the society in Ancient Greece with the darkness and intolerance of the Middle Ages in Europe. In such an era the life of a young boy, called Ark Keanos, unfolds. His troubles begin the moment he leaves his little island in order to save his father. He will gradually find out how cruel the world is and how difficult it is for one to be loyal to his ideals in order to fulfill his personal goals. Ark will be forced to live in a society based on raw violence, cruelty, fraud and well hidden secrets of the people in power, in a society in which one finds it difficult to distinguish his friends from his enemies. All the above along with epic battles and countless overthrows will travel you to an imaginary, exciting world. Come along to explore with Ark, the Dark Age of Mythos..

Age:16 y.o.

Height: 1.60 m.

Weight: 60 kgr

Weapons: Two short swords and blades.

Profile: Ark grew up with his father in a remote island in the Aegean Sea. Very young he started cultivating fields. As a result he became extremely strong and well built. His fathers abduction and the wounding of his only friend, Lydia, made him abandon the serene life on the island and get involved in adventures that he himself could not have imagined. Will the experiences he will acquire while travelling help him fullfil his personal goals?

Age: 33 y.o.

Height: 1.73 m.

Weight: 72 kgr

Weapons: Hidden Blade, Hidden crossbow

Profile: The multifarious personality of Aias reflects his complex way of thinking. Even his own comrades can not predict or understand his plans. He is a solitary man, unpredictable, ingenious, a leading figure that will undertake Ark’s training. Will such different personalities be able to walk together along the same path, without having to come one against the other? Student against teacher..? Light against darkness..? White against black..?

Age: Approximately 65 y.o.

Height: 1.90 m.

Weight: 100 kgr

Profile: A calm in appearance man whose look on his face reveals the hard, adventurous life he has spent. He lives with his son Ark on an island in the Aegean Sea and he is a farmer. However, he spends a lot of time reading and writing. His unexpected abduction will force Ark to face his fathers past, which he had tried hard to hide it from him for so many years. What is the true story of Bless Keanos?

Height: 2.00 m.

Elements: Fire, Air, Earth, Water.

Profile: The Lord of the Underworld known also as the God of Darkness. Hades greed guides him in his attempt to control the Upper World. In order to succeed he will not hesitate to use any means possible. Being the God of the Underworld can not stay for a long time on the surface of the Earth, because his powers fade away, while he is there. This is the reason why he uses Torn to fulfill his wishes.

Age: 16 y.o.

Height: 1.55 m.

Weight: 50 kgr

Element: Fire

Profile: Lydia grew up with Ark on the same island. She is her only friend. However, the feelings Lydia has from him are not simply friendly. She is a dynamic, fearless, but short-tempered girl, who tries to be on Arks side and help him. Magic powers run through her veins and she can control the element of fire. Will Lydia be able to help Ark or will their relationship turn into an unbearable load?

Age: Unknown

Height: 1.80 m.

Weight: 75 kgr

Element: Air

Weapons: Two longs swords.

Profile: Torns split personality is shown through his double faced mask. His pleasure is the sorrow of the others. Being a loyal servant of the Lord of the Underworld, he doesnt hesitate to follow any of his lord's orders no matter how hard it may be. Cold and serious, both sad and happy, Torn represents the paranoia and darkness prevailing in the Under World.